Freshers ’14 | university: haul/what to bring

So you’ve got into your firm or insurance university and perhaps you even had to battle the fields of clearing, either way you have reached the next step… the dreaded “university shop”. For some people, this prospect is exciting, the thought of colour coding their sheets to their bath mat is truly riveting. They can not wait to get out there and destroy the shelves of ikea. For others, the idea is… not so exciting. In fact, it is nothing short of a mind-numbingly-dull process that should be done quickly and painlessly.

Regardless of which may apply to you, I have put together this video just showing a couple of bits and bobs I picked up last year for university. As always, questions are welcome and if there is anything I have missed out or you’d like to know more about, just ask! I hope this video is useful, see you in my next one!


20 year old International Relations and English Language student at Aston University, Birmingham. Find me on twitter, instagram & youtube: @uchjn :-)