Freshers’ 14 | first year tips & advice

Starting university can be a rather daunting prospect, depending on your circumstance you may be leaving home, moving out, commuting from home within a city you already live in or maybe even venturing into a new city. Whichever it may be, change can be scary and has the ability to leave you feeling quite lonely at times, that is why I have put together this “tips/advice” video for beginning university. Whichever predicament you may find yourself in, I believe there is a piece of advice within this video for everyone and I hope it benefits you in some small way.

This video is solely based on my experience and I understand that university goes through people in different ways. As with all things in life, the lessons we learn will vary from person to person so I am by no means saying my advice is the be it and end all, but simply pieces of my first year I’d like to share. First year was a roller-coaster to say the least but it was a pretty awesome roller-coaster, I went through some incredible highs and in turn, some not-so-incredible lows but I met some really great people along the way and did so many fun, cool, new things that will stay with me forever. I learnt a thing or fifty things about myself, and I will always be grateful for such a wonderful experience.


20 year old International Relations and English Language student at Aston University, Birmingham. Find me on twitter, instagram & youtube: @uchjn :-)