Products I Regret Buying/ Products To Avoid during the sales 2014

*content is beauty related

When it comes to experimenting with products, there is nothing I hate more than spending my money on something that quickly becomes very useless. Ofcourse there are some sly exceptions to that rule, for example, my skin just does not agree with the product – we can let this slide, as this is no fault of the company’s. What is unacceptable however, is products that don’t meet their hype! Products that have been talked up, put on a pedestal, labelled holy grail for all to see… then fall short of expectation.

Whether it’s £3 or £30… money is money and as a student you must be mindful of what you blow your load on. In this post I’ll share with you some of my most regrettable products of 2014, in case you haven’t guessed… it’s another video haha, enjoy! 🙂


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