All over the place

Okay it’s been a realllly long, I mean ridiculously long since I last spoke to you all but life has been 150mph since April, it momentarily slowed down after exams in June, but two days later it kicked right back up as I started placement. So here’s what you’ve missed…

Having 3 huge committee roles… incredibly stressful and time consuming and not something I want to do again, although it was very rewarding.
Smashing my exams after endless sleepless nights in the library is a pretty amazing feeling.
Securing a placement with The Walt Disney Company comes a very close second on the scale of amazing feelings.
Not falling apart after an incredibly tasking year… truly unbelievable.
Moving back home to a stress-free life was the cherry on top of a disastrous cake (the cake symbolising my horrendous second year (off campus) accommodation which I loathed).
All in all an interesting year with lots of lessons to be learnt, very fun at times and I discovered a lot about myself but upwards and onwards into a new chapter in my life. Thank you so much for reading & I promise, you will hear from me very soon!

In the meantime, please feel free to keep up with me on all my social media platforms (I post far more frequently on those)

…Until next time my loves xo

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20 year old International Relations and English Language student at Aston University, Birmingham. Find me on twitter, instagram & youtube: @uchjn :-)