Freshers’ 14 | going out; still making lectures

Last week I posted a video on my YouTube channel, which basically consisted on me trying to give some insight into what the first year of university entails and how to combat the common demons that follow. A young girl who watched my video requested I film a follow-up, however this time focusing more closely on matters such as freshers’ week and going out & having lectures the next morning.

I decided to split this concept into two instalments on my blog, simply because I feel this platform is more appropriate on this occasion. Thank you hanging around as I attempt to harness my advice into easy-to-follow quick tips! I hope these tips are useful to you and I should have the second instalment posted by tomorrow night! Thank you for your time & enjoy your day.


#1 Know yourself and understand your recovery time
If you are a member of the lucky chosen ones that do not experience the burden of hangovers you may skip this one! If not, listen close. Berocca, dioralyte, oranges and water are your new best friends. Although this little tactic may not work for everyone it’s worth a try, especially if you have early lectures in the morning:
1.Before you leave take an orange and cut in 4 ways (any way will work, this is just my preferred method), put it in a plate/bowl and leave it in this fridge, you can enjoy that tomorrow before your lecture!
2. Make sure you have two bottles of water, one in the fridge & one by your bed. Bedside is for the end of the night and throughout your sleep, and the fridge one is to accompany your orange the following morning.
3. Fill a glass with water and leave it on your side, when you return from your night out, fill it with either a sachet of dioralyte or pop a berocca in it. Tasty little treat for you when you get back AND for the morning after!
4. Lastly, if you can muster it, have a shower before going to sleep. It will help you feel more fresh in the morning.

#2 Pace yourself
So here’s the deal, you will need to pace yourself for the night, sometimes people try the “go hard then simmer off towards the end of the night” tactic but honestly that may not always work for everyone and proves to be far tiring than anything else. It may also end with you in a far worse position than you would have wished. By pacing yourself you can enjoy the night on a fairly good theoretical high and still make that 9am the next day!

#3 Designated friend
It may be worth assigning a “designated friend” to keep some what on of an eye on you from time to time, this doesn’t mean they have to babysit you but simply for peace of mind. Just incase it suddenly slipped your mind that you were trying to be on marginally good behaviour, that is if you were, or just to make sure you take your berocca/dioralyte at the end of the night and wake you up in the morning! Designated friends are key if you are a heavy sleeper, so may sure you keep your door unlocked incase they need to access your room in the morning.

#4 Sober buddy
Here is a concept that may bring shock to your minds, staying sober! Not all great evenings require endless amounts or any amount, for that matter, of alcohol – it is still possible to have fun without it. Although it may be irritating/difficult being the sober one in a pit of drunk-foolery, having a sober buddy or two to dance the night away with will take the night from “total disaster” to “good time” in no time. It also gives you the opportunity to be on the other side for once and you wouldn’t believe how incredibly chatty intoxicated people are – you never know what interesting things may creep into conversation.

#5 Have fun!
This should really go without saying but have fun! Which ever method you choose to get you through the night, make sure you have fun doing it. It all means nothing if you don’t enjoy yourself, remember going out can be physically draining on the body so be sure to stay hydrated and fed. After all, you only experience being a fresher once, and the worse thing you can take from it is regret.


20 year old International Relations and English Language student at Aston University, Birmingham. Find me on twitter, instagram & youtube: @uchjn :-)