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Okay it’s been a realllly long, I mean ridiculously long since I last spoke to you all but life has been 150mph since April, it momentarily slowed down after exams in June, but two days later it kicked right back up as I started placement. So here’s what you’ve missed…

Having 3 huge committee roles… incredibly stressful and time consuming and not something I want to do again, although it was very rewarding.
Smashing my exams after endless sleepless nights in the library is a pretty amazing feeling.
Securing a placement with The Walt Disney Company comes a very close second on the scale of amazing feelings.
Not falling apart after an incredibly tasking year… truly unbelievable.
Moving back home to a stress-free life was the cherry on top of a disastrous cake (the cake symbolising my horrendous second year (off campus) accommodation which I loathed).
All in all an interesting year with lots of lessons to be learnt, very fun at times and I discovered a lot about myself but upwards and onwards into a new chapter in my life. Thank you so much for reading & I promise, you will hear from me very soon!

In the meantime, please feel free to keep up with me on all my social media platforms (I post far more frequently on those)

…Until next time my loves xo

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10 Tips To Get You Hired!

A placement is an awesome year out of university where you don’t have to think about exams or studying, and you get to sleep all day (lol, I wish).

Albeit a sometimes daunting experience, placements are an amazing opportunity to take time out of education, hopefully save (or spend) some money while gaining key skills, in real life working situations. As a bonus – most placements are paid! *hooray*
Securing a placement however – especially those that are highly sought after – is not a quick or easy task, and applications tend to be mind numbingly tedious. Don’t panic though, I have some top tips to help you along…

1. Start early! – I really can not stress this enough, competition is fierce and you do not want to get left behind.

2. Have your CV completed and checked by the placement team (or someone with experience) before the end of your first year. Two reasons for this: a) the placement team are less busy so they can look through your CV throughly and really help you tailor it (note: they will not do all the work for you) b) you can begin searching for opportunities in the summer – including researching the companies you wish to work for. Which leads me to my next point…

3. Do your research – there is nothing worse than: a) working for a company you know nothing about b) looking like a deer in headlights when the interviewer asks what you know about the company/recent updates/why you wish you work for that company/ why the role with them etc… d) being stuck in a job/working for a company you don’t actually like/agree with for an entire year! (tip: If the company has a progress report of some sort – read it! yes it’s long and boring, but if you spread it over a week or two it’s a piece of cake. In most cases, the information in this will basically answer all the questions they could possibly ask)

4. Be honest – nothing good comes out of lying, you will get caught and it will ruin your integrity. Remember: you never know when/where you are going to meet the interviewer again, neither do you know their connections. It’s not worth the risk.

5. CV fillers – please please please do not waste your time at university, do something productive/things that make you stand out. Fill your CV with reasons to be hired – join clubs, societies, take on a part time jobs – anything that can be used as evidence for the skills you claim to have.

6. Experience – this is key. There is no substitute for good, quality experience – not only does it lend credence to your abilities, it is also a learning curve. You can not claim to be good at time management, when the only thing you really manage is your university timetable. Bring a bit more than the average person, even if it is a week here, or two weeks there – no experience is invaluable.

7. Be passionate and genuine – do not be afraid to show your passion, don’t be afraid of coming on too strong. Be genuine and the rest will fall in place.

8. Be prepared! – google, google, google. Competency questions, common interview questions, unlikely questions, likely questions, questions synonymous with that particular company – go above and beyond.

9. Eye contact – give the interviewer eye contact. Display signs that you are paying attention, nod along. Give an ‘hmm’ here and there, little things that tell the interviewer you genuinely want to be there. Eye contact is attached with a whole host of signs that show your interest.

10. Follow up with an email – this is a personal choice but I will always advise it. Although it may seem a tad forward to you, it could be the difference between you getting hired over another candidate. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, a line or two thanking the interviewer for their time could go a long way.

I hope that these tips were helpful, if you need anything else/have any questions, don’t be scared to tweet me! Thank you for reading dolls and gents, best of luck! xo

Current Beauty Favourites March 2015

Yup I’m back again, after yet another ridiculous 3-month-hiatus. I can only apologise but honestly at this point I spend more time apologising than writing actual blog posts so I’ll save the speeches *sigh

My next few blog posts shall all be super useful, fact-filled, university related topics. I’ll touch on issues such as placements, interviews, juggling life… – that sort of malarky. I have finally secured the placement of my dreams *hooray* and I could not be happier (updates on this VERY soon) so I’ll be bringing you my top placement tips – from applying right to securing the placement.
For now, please enjoy my current beauty favourites from the past few months, and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel for regular updates. Thank you so much for your patience and I promise I’ll see you in my next one very soon! xo

Products I Regret Buying/ Products To Avoid during the sales 2014

*content is beauty related

When it comes to experimenting with products, there is nothing I hate more than spending my money on something that quickly becomes very useless. Ofcourse there are some sly exceptions to that rule, for example, my skin just does not agree with the product – we can let this slide, as this is no fault of the company’s. What is unacceptable however, is products that don’t meet their hype! Products that have been talked up, put on a pedestal, labelled holy grail for all to see… then fall short of expectation.

Whether it’s £3 or £30… money is money and as a student you must be mindful of what you blow your load on. In this post I’ll share with you some of my most regrettable products of 2014, in case you haven’t guessed… it’s another video haha, enjoy! 🙂

Thinking Out Loud Thursdays

I know I know… it’s been forever! No excuses on my part but honestly second year is kicking my butt right now. Turns out it’s more than a little challenging to juggle 100 things at once, but I’m getting there – ssssssslowly but surely. If you hadn’t already guessed from my previous videos I’m a bit of a talker… I’m no Alan Carr but I could probably sell milk to a cow if that… was even… possible ANYWAYS today’s post is another smashing little video… *hooray!*

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the video & HAPPY HOLIDAYS 🙂

Freshers ’14 | university: organisation tips

Hi guys!

Apologies I have been MIA recently, university is in full swing and I am definitely feeling its effects! Hopefully I should be posting more regularly but until then here is a little video just outlining a few organisation tips. When I started last year as a fresher, being an organised person came in sooo handy. I feel as though, the more put-together you are, the less stressed you will feel… if that makes sense. Anyway, enough of my rambling… enjoy the video and see you in my next one!

Freshers ’14 | university: haul/what to bring

So you’ve got into your firm or insurance university and perhaps you even had to battle the fields of clearing, either way you have reached the next step… the dreaded “university shop”. For some people, this prospect is exciting, the thought of colour coding their sheets to their bath mat is truly riveting. They can not wait to get out there and destroy the shelves of ikea. For others, the idea is… not so exciting. In fact, it is nothing short of a mind-numbingly-dull process that should be done quickly and painlessly.

Regardless of which may apply to you, I have put together this video just showing a couple of bits and bobs I picked up last year for university. As always, questions are welcome and if there is anything I have missed out or you’d like to know more about, just ask! I hope this video is useful, see you in my next one!

Freshers’ 14 | going out; still making lectures

Last week I posted a video on my YouTube channel, which basically consisted on me trying to give some insight into what the first year of university entails and how to combat the common demons that follow. A young girl who watched my video requested I film a follow-up, however this time focusing more closely on matters such as freshers’ week and going out & having lectures the next morning.

I decided to split this concept into two instalments on my blog, simply because I feel this platform is more appropriate on this occasion. Thank you hanging around as I attempt to harness my advice into easy-to-follow quick tips! I hope these tips are useful to you and I should have the second instalment posted by tomorrow night! Thank you for your time & enjoy your day.


#1 Know yourself and understand your recovery time
If you are a member of the lucky chosen ones that do not experience the burden of hangovers you may skip this one! If not, listen close. Berocca, dioralyte, oranges and water are your new best friends. Although this little tactic may not work for everyone it’s worth a try, especially if you have early lectures in the morning:
1.Before you leave take an orange and cut in 4 ways (any way will work, this is just my preferred method), put it in a plate/bowl and leave it in this fridge, you can enjoy that tomorrow before your lecture!
2. Make sure you have two bottles of water, one in the fridge & one by your bed. Bedside is for the end of the night and throughout your sleep, and the fridge one is to accompany your orange the following morning.
3. Fill a glass with water and leave it on your side, when you return from your night out, fill it with either a sachet of dioralyte or pop a berocca in it. Tasty little treat for you when you get back AND for the morning after!
4. Lastly, if you can muster it, have a shower before going to sleep. It will help you feel more fresh in the morning.

#2 Pace yourself
So here’s the deal, you will need to pace yourself for the night, sometimes people try the “go hard then simmer off towards the end of the night” tactic but honestly that may not always work for everyone and proves to be far tiring than anything else. It may also end with you in a far worse position than you would have wished. By pacing yourself you can enjoy the night on a fairly good theoretical high and still make that 9am the next day!

#3 Designated friend
It may be worth assigning a “designated friend” to keep some what on of an eye on you from time to time, this doesn’t mean they have to babysit you but simply for peace of mind. Just incase it suddenly slipped your mind that you were trying to be on marginally good behaviour, that is if you were, or just to make sure you take your berocca/dioralyte at the end of the night and wake you up in the morning! Designated friends are key if you are a heavy sleeper, so may sure you keep your door unlocked incase they need to access your room in the morning.

#4 Sober buddy
Here is a concept that may bring shock to your minds, staying sober! Not all great evenings require endless amounts or any amount, for that matter, of alcohol – it is still possible to have fun without it. Although it may be irritating/difficult being the sober one in a pit of drunk-foolery, having a sober buddy or two to dance the night away with will take the night from “total disaster” to “good time” in no time. It also gives you the opportunity to be on the other side for once and you wouldn’t believe how incredibly chatty intoxicated people are – you never know what interesting things may creep into conversation.

#5 Have fun!
This should really go without saying but have fun! Which ever method you choose to get you through the night, make sure you have fun doing it. It all means nothing if you don’t enjoy yourself, remember going out can be physically draining on the body so be sure to stay hydrated and fed. After all, you only experience being a fresher once, and the worse thing you can take from it is regret.

Freshers’ 14 | first year tips & advice

Starting university can be a rather daunting prospect, depending on your circumstance you may be leaving home, moving out, commuting from home within a city you already live in or maybe even venturing into a new city. Whichever it may be, change can be scary and has the ability to leave you feeling quite lonely at times, that is why I have put together this “tips/advice” video for beginning university. Whichever predicament you may find yourself in, I believe there is a piece of advice within this video for everyone and I hope it benefits you in some small way.

This video is solely based on my experience and I understand that university goes through people in different ways. As with all things in life, the lessons we learn will vary from person to person so I am by no means saying my advice is the be it and end all, but simply pieces of my first year I’d like to share. First year was a roller-coaster to say the least but it was a pretty awesome roller-coaster, I went through some incredible highs and in turn, some not-so-incredible lows but I met some really great people along the way and did so many fun, cool, new things that will stay with me forever. I learnt a thing or fifty things about myself, and I will always be grateful for such a wonderful experience.